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How to Hire The Right Office Contractor for Your Office Interior Renovation

May 14, 2018

If you are a business owner who is wondering how to find and hire an office contractor for your interior renovation project, then this guide is for you. In this article, will explain about how to choose the right office contractor for your future renovation.


Step 1: Experienced.

If you’re looking for an experienced Office Interior Contractor Company, find out when the company was established. Since 2000, PT. Gema Intermulia Sejahtera has been embracing interior design with Client’s custom needs as our number one interest.


Step 2: Reference

If the contractor satisfied the previous client, the client will be award the contractor to a reference letter.  The reference letters indicated a trusted Contractor Interior company. Our reference have brought solid track record on successfully completing construction project on time. PT. Gema Intermulia Sejahtera is a reliable partner who enhance your office Interior.


Step 3: Company Legality and License

An Office interior contractor company obliged to have company legality. PT. Gema Intermulia Sejahtera have complete licenses, including a contractor license.


Step 4: Design

A good design can create a place where people can bring out their true capability and enjoy their working environment. PT. Gema Intermulia Sejahtera commitment is to treat every space in delicate, precise manner. Therefore, we aim to deliver the most effective design and layout to achieve the result you want at the competitive price. The whole arrangement has to be done in detail, because we realize how every factor matters and affect each other. Therefore, designing is the process where we put those possibilities into through plan without leaving any element behind.

Step 5: After Sales Service

The after sales service is important as the major work itself. We go beyond design, layout, and construction by providing post-project maintenance service period. We have a customer relation division handling after sales service maintenance.


That’s all how to find and hire an office interior contractor Jakarta for your office interior renovation project. Picking the right office contractor for your office interior renovation project can be a difficult process. But, you don’t have to worry because PT. Gema Intermulia Sejahtera is a qualified office contractor and the best interior office contractor. PT. Gema Intermulia Sejahtera is a well-known provider of interior office design services Jakarta with one-stop-service system. For more information, you can get through official website PT. Gema Intermulia at

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